Becoming Brown Goddess

Since I was a child, I have always been drawn to healing. For this reason, I grew up wanting to pursue medicine; I thought the only way to heal someone was through western medicine. As I grew up, I became more and more curious with holistic mending and the bounties Mama Earth provides us to foster healing. I discovered crystals and fell down the rabbit whole researching their abundant healing properties. In learning how to charge crystals I began pondering how to amplify their abilities to facilitate healing and create safe spaces. I’ve always been a candle fanatic—enthralled with their cozy qualities and mesmerizing aroma therapies. These passions of mine, crystals and candles, had a meet cute one day while I was experimenting, and upon burning the energy was supreme. I decided to experiment with different crystals and combinations of the like, and Brown Goddess was born. I’ve continued to follow this spirit of healing to forge products that I couldn’t be more proud of, with many exciting things to come!

Asè, Isis